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About Uttarkashi

The meaning of Uttarkashi is Kashi of north; it is beautiful town of Uttrakhand state of India. Uttarkashi is situated at the bank of River Bhagirathi at an altitude of 1158 m above sea level.

​Generally known as a holy place, the people of Uttarkashi are very religious it is spotted with multiple Hindu pilgrims.​ Also known as ‘Shiv Nagri’ (Place of Lord Shiva) this beautiful town has a number of temples and ashrams and the locality is more or less religious.

The town is situated on the main route to Gangotri and has many Hindu temples, and is also considered an important Hindu pilgrimage centre. The land of Uttarkashi district has been held sacred by Indians since ages where the seers and sages had found solace and spiritual aspirations and performed penances and where devas performed their sacrifices and Vedic language was better known and spoken than elsewhere. People came here for learning Vedic language and speech. According to an account given in the Mahabharata, The district is bounded on the north by Himachal Pradesh state, on the northeast by Tibet, on the east by Chamoli District on the southeast by Rudraprayag District, by Tehri Garhwal District on the South and by Dehradun District on the west.

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