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Thank You for applying for Online Permission at SWS Uttarkashi!

Please check your registered mail ID

for details on the permission letter and contact the agency selected by you for organizing the trek (if any).




1. For Easy Treks permission letter is sent directly to the mail Id of the applicant.

2. For Moderate Treks permission letter is sent to the email Id of the registered agency selected by the applicant.

3. Permissions to Tough Treks will be forwarded only after Approval from Tourism Department. If permission is not approved it can be again updated by the applicant. A link to update the application will be forwarded to the registered email Id of the applicant. So, kindly check your email frequently to check the status of the application.


4. If you do not receive a mail with a permission letter Please click the below link to get your permission letter.

Get Your Permission Letter


SWS Team


For Any Query

Contact: +91 1374 297415

Single Window System

(Online Application For Permission to Visit Various Treks in Uttarkashi District)
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